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Hunter Series

For the Beginners. Super easy to fly. Lightweight and durable for crash.

Wing Series

For the Speed Pilot! Someone who seeks the thrill of SPEED! 😈

FPV Series

T1 Ranger is the best selling Heewing model! Easily detachable body parts and even comes in VTOL PNP now!

FPV Pilot - Shelby Voll

  • Lain Newby

    I'm very impressed with this aircraft, very well packed and the quality of the mouldings is top quality.

  • Drone Camps RC

    "In my flight test crash, this(T1 detachable wing) pops off and this is nice because when this pops off, I was back in flying within like minutes"

  • Pairan/ JustFPV.net

    Perfect to take with you on travels, no compromise for a cruise or proximity action at high(er) speeds!