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For Consumers/Aftersales
- please drop us an email at or fill up the form below.
- we will reply within 24-48 hours.
* for purchases outside of the Official Store, please reach out to the resellers from where you have purchased first, if they are unable to help you, contact us.


For Reseller/Wholesaler
- please email directly to or

Terms & Condition for applying to be a Reseller/Wholesaler

a. We welcome businesses from anywhere around the world

b. You own an offline or online store in your region. Please include link to your online store/details of offline store, photo of your offline/online store and business registration details in the email

c. You or your team are capable of providing sufficient RC related technical support to your customers

d. You maintain a good reputation of your business and provide good service to your customer



We have years of experience in OEM & ODM to major brands around the world. Please drop us an email directly at for further discussion.


For Collab/Sponsorship/Product Review

We receive requests for free products everyday. If we send out something, we wish to get something back in return, ie sales. If you think it can be a win win situation for us and you, join our affiliate program and start promoting Heewing. If it works, we will reach out to you.

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*Fill up below contact form for customers/consumers from the online store only.


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