T1 Ranger VTOL - PNP Manual

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Building and Configuring - Part 1

Building and Configuring - Part 2

FX-405 Wiring Diagram & Connection


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Note 1

Your T1 Ranger VTOL - PNP comes preinstalled and preloaded with Ardupilot VTOL parameters. If you want to try/experience the factory parameters, you just need to hook up the receiver, calibrate your radio, and set up the flight modes to match with the 3 or 6 positions switch on your radio as explained in the downloaded manual above and you are good to fly. If you are prefer to tune by yourself, please just clear/wipe data and download depends on your need.

* VTOL parameters are for reference only. We are not responsible for any issue such as crashing arising from this. You may adjust it accordingly. 

You may use the below files to recover to the factory firmware and parameters if you have messed up the settings.


a. Download Mission Planner here if you do not have one 

b. Ardupilot Firmware 4.3.5 - Download here
* your FX-405 comes flashed with this firmware version 4.3.5 frrom the factory, you do not need to download & flash this. You only download and flash this firmware to your FX-405 if you have messed up the FC settings, or if you want to revert back to this firmware version, or if you want to reset it to factory settings.
c. FX-405 VTOL Parameters - Download Here
*your FX-405 comes loaded with this parameters from the factory. you only download and load this to your FC if you have messed up or altered the parameters and wish to revert back to Hee Wing's factory default parameters.


Note 2

Flight modes that have been preconfigured in the FC. Please configure them to your Radio's 3 or 6 positions switch accordingly.

a. QLOITER - VTOL mode. This can be used for taking off, landing and hover with GPS position hold and altitude hold

b. FBWA - Fly by Wire A mode, best mode for inexperienced flyers according to Ardupilot. This is forward fixed-wing flight mode with minimum flight assist.

c. QRTL - VTOL Return to Launch/Home mode. It will return as Fixed-wing mode and transition to VTOL mode above the Home position and land.


Note 3

a. You do not need to re-download and flashing the Ardupilot firmware.

b. Your FX-405 already comes flashed with Ardupilot V4.3.5 that is tested to work perfectly for VTOL before packing. If you wish to flash it to other versions, please confirm the factory version is working first. 
*Flashing it to other firmware version at your own risk.

Note 4

T1 VTOL requires arming before the motors are allowed to spin. Apply full rudder Right to arm or full rudder Left to disarm. There's no arming check so you may be able to arm it indoor.

Parameters as follows,




*ensure Radio calibration is done correctly or it may not arm. This involves the rudder and throttle min-max value.


Note 5

If there's an abnormally with your FX-405 Flight Controller or if you have messed up the parameters or the default settings, you can download the factory parameters here.


Note 6 - Crossfire Connection
*4 pins connector for ELRS/CRSF not included
Note 7
- Your T1 VTOL PNP must be powered with 4S for great performance., not lower, not higher.
Note 8
- You may be greeted with "Bad Compass Health" when connected to Mission Planner, this is because the GPS isn't powered via USB. 
Note 9
- if you are planning to fly without FPV but wanted to ensure that there's GPS lock before taking off. Observe the LEDs flash under the "Uart1" wording on the FC case. When there's sufficient GPS lock, Red LED will flash slowly and Green LED flashes quickly.


Note 10 - Receiver Parameters Settings

a. SBUS, IBUS, PPM Receiver
- factory parameter is already pre-configured for this type of receiver and the flight controller will auto recognise the type of signal.
BRD_ALT_Config = 0

b. ELRS & CRSF Receiver
- please set the parameter to the values below, “write params” to the flight
controller then reboot.
BRD_ALT_Config = 1

*you will need to reboot the FC after changing between the two parameters above for it to take effect.


Note 11,

Unlike other Flight Controllers, FX-405 does not power the Receiver via USB, you will need to hook up your battery to the T1 when performing Radio Calibration in the Mission Planner. *have the props off


Note 12,

For connecting Digital FPV, visit this page.


Note 13,

In the Mission Planner > Servo Output, S7-Motor 2 is Left Motor, S8-Motor 1 is Right Motor, S9-Motor 4 is Rear Motor


Note 13,

If you experience 1 of the 3 motors clearly not spinning at the same speed as the other 2 motors. Perform ESC calibration on all 3 ESCs at the same time.