Payment Method
- currently Paypal only
Shipping Time?
- we ship with Premium Tracked Airmail to 58 countries. Delivery takes an average of 2 weeks. Sometimes faster sometimes slower depending on the season. 
For more information and which countries we ship to, visit our Shipping Policy page. 
Where is it shipped from?
- Guangdong, China 
Import tax? Any tax?
- For full information regarding this, please visit our Shipping Policy.
What does KIT, PNP, VTOL, ARF means?
KIT - unassembled and without electronics
PNP - mostly assembled with most electronics installed. You are still required to perform some assembly and install your own receiver, battery, FPV and etc.
VTOL - vertical take off and landing
ARF - unassembled, almost ready to fly with remote, receiver, flight controller included. 
*above are the general terms and explanations, it may differ from model to model. For an accurate representation of the specification, please refer to the specification of the particular model/product
Recommended batteries size
F01 - 3-4S 1500-2000mAh or 6S 1300-1550mAh
T1 Ranger - 2-3S 1300mAh to 5000mAh
T1 VTOL - 4S 1300mAh to 5000mAh
SU27, F22, J20 - 2S 500-700mAh
Lico - 2S 300mAh
What is included in the RC Plane? 
- please refer to the description of each product page 
Can I have the instruction manual for the FX-405 VTOL FC?
Check out our Instruction Manual for all the information here