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Getting Started with T1 VTOL PNP

Every units of T1 VTOL - PNP are test flown(in VTOL mode) at the factory as we just need to hook up the receiver and battery to test it with our radio that's preconfigured with the flight modes.
When you received your T1 VTOL - PNP, other than easily assembling the wings and tail, you just need to,
1. hook up your receiver
2. do the radio calibration in Mission Planner
3. match the flight modes in Mission Planner to your 3 or 6 positions switch on the Radio.
4. Hook up the battery, wait for initialization, disarm your motors and fly
What you DO NOT need to do are,
- flashing the firmware to any version
- adjusting the parameters
For more info, please visit our instruction manual section
To get one, here 👇
If you are still unsure, email us at sales@heewing.com
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