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Hee Wing RC, a registered company known as Shenzhen FeiTeng Global Technology Co. Ltd, was established in 2014. Our team consists of passionate RC model enthusiasts with extensive experience in the RC industry. We have brought together a dedicated group of engineers to focus on developing our product line. Our utmost commitment lies in creating and distributing products that meet the highest standards of quality.

At Hee Wing RC, we provide a diverse range of RC planes in popular scale configurations, such as Delta wing, Trainers/Beginner planes, and FPV planes. Our priority is to offer top-quality RC planes at affordable prices. We continuously strive to expand our product offerings, aiming to bring even more exciting options to RC fans.

Rest assured, we are devoted to delivering exceptional products and serving the RC community with our ongoing dedication and passion.

Mr.Qiu aka George
- Owner of Hee Wing RC
- 2011 3DX Asia China Pro Champion
- 2013 3DX Australia Global Pro Champion
- Fun fact : Mr.Qiu's English name "George" is derived from his daily routine
of often wrestling with decisions, "纠结" in Chinese sounds like "George" 😉
Nicki Peng
- handles global sales network(reseller/wholesaler) of Hee Wing RC
- Fun fact : she can fly a RC heli upside down. Can you?
- runs the EdwardRC YouTube channel
- co-founder of WPL RC Official Store
- play all sorts of RC
- now handles everything of the Hee Wing RC Official Store
- obsessed with customer experience 
- Fun fact : a Chinese but not a Chinese 😉

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